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Friday, January 23, 2015


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Stoned guy

I'm the "stoned guy", except I'm ironically 100% sober. I realize I'm already high enough as-is, so why bother paying for it?

Great article, I really appreciate you sharing your story with the world. Humphrey had a famous quote, "I'd rather owe you than cheat you out of it."

Right before he passed away, I was fixing one of his computers I had sold to him, and I got impatient with one by hitting the power button prematurely, crashing the 9 year old laptop's hard drive I bought from 2005 (for $2500, sold to Greg for $350). I wanted to charge him for it since I was getting paid $25 to fix something worth $100 to begin with, and although I was slightly grumpy at first (reminiscent of your stories about Greg), I thought about how much he was always helping everyone else, and gave the man a break. I ended up getting lucky and had a spare hard drive that actually fit, and when I booted it up, it was the old hard drive from his other computer, which basically cut my work in half! Lucky me...

From now on, if I ever get grumpy giving someone a break, I just imagine Greg pulling out a wad of $1 bills and saying (from heaven) "Hey bud, this ones on me" and paying their way so I can continue having a good day. Because as Humphrey mentioned once before to me, "Who can be sad when someone's handing you a check for $10,000?"

Amen brother.

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